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About Becci & her Dogs
From 1-year-old I’ve always had a dog in my life. It all started with a mongrel named Jodie, born in 1984. I grew up with Jodie, she was my very best friend. After she died, i cried the whole summer holidays until my mum relented and said we could have another dog... I was soooo excited to get out to some rescue centres!!

We met lots of lovely dogs, including a Great Dane called Beefcake. I loved him - my number 1 choice, but Dad vetoed that idea. We then found a failed gundog, an English Springer Spaniel named Rossi.
Now, Rossi, she was a character! Her chase instinct was the reason she failed as a gundog. No sitting and waiting while there was wildlife to be chased. Mum and I started training classes with her and that’s when I truly got the training bug. Mum also caught the bug and decided to get a Border Collie. After a trip to Wales, Megan joined the family. Rossi loved her instantly and they spent 18 months together until Rossi was unfortunately killed in a road accident.

A month after Rossi's passing, my mum surprised me with a visit to RSPCA to look at puppies - a puppy of my own! We met a few, but it was Jazz, a tri-colour mongrel that stole my heart! That evening, I went out with friends and mum snuck the inspectors in for a home check! I was awoken the following morning by a puppy bouncing around on my bed! Jazz taught me a lot about training and how especially how dogs train humans. We did some obedience and fun agility together, but her heart was never in it the same way as mine. 

I started working for a security company. On my first day i met and fell head over heels with Bryn, a big fluffy German Shepherd Dog. He was the first of the dogs to come say hi. Trained to stop intruders and criminals with a 1 word command, he was actually the soppiest dog in the kennels. We started working together, but unfortunately I had to leave him behind when I left the company. 

Shortly after this, Smiley Pets was born. One evening in 2004, I was shopping in a local supermarket and bumped into my former manager in the dog food isle. General chitchat led to him informing me Bryn had been retired from his work as a security dog that day. My first question was "Can I have him?". Two days later, we welcomed Bryn into our home. Jazz was very excited to see him again! Meg was indifferent, used to visiting dogs coming and going. It was only when Bryn had been with us a few weeks that Meg relaxed and got to know the new retired Bryn.

In 2007, with Jazz and Bryn now 10 and Meg 12, we welcomed Dandelion, aka DanDan, into the fold. He was 6 months old and really not sure what he was supposed to be doing. We learned agility together & he still loves to play at it. Bryn's hip dysplasia and arthritis were really starting to get to him and we had to say goodbye a year later. It was the most heart-breaking decision of my life. Bryn was my dog of a lifetime. He saw me through so much and I still miss him every day. 

In 2011, Jazz tore both of her cruciate ligaments. At almost 14, it would be a huge risk to put her under GA and recovery would be extremely tough for a formerly active dog. Had it been just one ligament, I might have risked the GA, but both she couldn’t handle. We said goodbye to her 2 days before her 14th birthday. Meg became very depressed for a while, but rallied and started to enjoy life as a (mainly) only dog, while DanDan joined me where ever I was house sitting.

Meg had many health issues over her lifetime, but always bounced back. In May 2013, she was bitten by a horse fly which caused a seizure. She came around from the seizure, but it was clear that something neurological was going on. Mum made the decision to put Meg to sleep aged 17 years old. Vets had told us she would be lucky to make it to 7 years old, but she was stubborn & wanted to prove everyone wrong.

Danny is now an only dog & he likes it that way. I'd love to get another, but he won’t let me!
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Smiley Pets was established in 2003 with just 2 clients. Word of mouth soon boosted that number to over 150.
In 1994 I joined Marlow Dog Club with Rossi. All of my dogs since her have been trained at the club. In 2001 I joined the committee and a year later took on the role of Treasurer & puppy instructor. I left the club in 2013 due to increasing commitments elsewhere.

In 2011, Danny and I joined Cranbourne Agility Club. I spent 2 years as Secretary and in 2014 I became Chairman of the club.

In 2012 I joined Search Dog Buckinghamshire as a friend of the team. Within a couple of months, I had gotten sucked in to a whole different world & started my training to become an Operational Support. The team are tasked by the Police to search for missing and vulnerable people. In 2015 I joined the committee & manage the PR & Media team. In early 2016, I was given the opportunity to train 2 dogs belonging to our Training Officer. Drift & Dream are doing very well in training and hope to be qualified in 2018.
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